Pros of the Past

For two decades, the Great American Rivalry Series has been at the forefront of hosting exhilarating high school football rivalries, creating amazing memories on the field. Our platform has become a breeding ground for talent, propelling young athletes towards greatness in professional leagues. We take immense pride in the success stories that have emerged from our games, with numerous athletes making their mark on the biggest stages.The journey of these athletes is a testament to their dedication, perseverance, and the guidance they received from their coaches and mentors. Many of them started as local heroes, captivating audiences with their exceptional skills and unwavering passion. Check out these Pros from GARS games of the past!

Aaron Donald

Graduated Penn Hills High School in PA in 2010 

Attended college at Pittsburgh (2010-2013)

Drafted by the Rams in 2014 (Round 1-Pick 13) 

Justin Jefferson

Graduated Destrehan High School in LA in 2017 

Played college at LSU (2017-2019) 

Drafted by the Vikings in 2020 (Round 1-Pick 22) 

Jalen Ramsey

Graduated Brentwood Academy in 2013 

Played college football at Florida State (2013-2015) 

Jacksonville Jaguars (2016-2019), Los Angeles Rams (2019-2022), Miami Dolphins (2023-present) 

Nick Bosa

Graduated High School from St. Thomas Aquinas in FL 

Played for Ohio State in college (2016-2018) 

Drafted to the San Francisco 49ers in 2019 (Round 1–Pick 2) 

Justin Fields

Graduated Harrison HS in GA in 2018 

Played for Georgia (2018) and Ohio State (2019-2020) 

Drafted by the Bears in 2021 (1 Round – Pick 11) 

Stefon Diggs

Graduated Good Counsel HS in VA in 2011 

Played college football at Maryland (2012-2014) 

Played for the Vikings (2015-2019) then started with the Buffalo Bills in 2015. 

Testimonials From the Games

Step behind the scenes of the Great American Rivalry Series and hear firsthand accounts from the dedicated individuals who have helped shape its success. In this exclusive collection of testimonials, we dive deep into the experiences, insights, and heartfelt stories of our own employees. These are the individuals who have poured their hearts and souls into organizing and executing the unforgettable high school football games. From event coordinators and marketing experts to coaches and referees, each person plays a vital role in creating an atmosphere that pulsates with excitement and rivalry. Join us as we uncover their perspectives, relive their most cherished moments, and discover the profound impact that the Great American Rivalry Series has had on their lives and careers. Through their stories, we gain a deeper appreciation for the power of this extraordinary sporting event and the legacy it continues to build year after year.

Witnessing “The Battle of Arizona Avenue” on three occasions, I find the Hamilton-Chandler game to be the embodiment of a high school football rivalry. With a rich lineage of exceptional athletes gracing the college and professional football realms, both Chandler and Hamilton stand as beacons of excellence. Traditionally, Chandler has had a hold of the series, winning nine straight games at one point. However, Hamilton has surged past the Wolves the past two seasons. Notably, in 2021, they halted the Wolves’ awe-inspiring 45-game winning streak, leaving an indelible mark on the rivalry’s history. Last year, a climactic conclusion unfolded, as Hamilton clinched the game with a last-second field goal. No matter the team record or star-studded class of players, this game is competitive every year.

Aaron Perkins, Director of Digital Marketing - BBIM

“On most days of the year, Paul Brown Tiger Stadium in Massillon, Ohio sits empty. Echoes of glorious triumph and staggering defeat from years past reverberate across the empty field, heard only by those fortunate enough to have witnessed these events in person. But for one special night in October, the legendary stadium jolts alive with a frantic energy unparalleled by any high school sporting event in the country. On this fateful night, two football programs as old as the sport itself collide in an electrifying showdown that captivates the hearts and minds of Northern Ohio. Just miles outside the birthplace of football in Canton, the Massillon Tigers and McKinley Bulldogs meet again to battle for the title they’ve so often traded since their rivalry began in 1894. Swells of spectators pack the stadium, clamoring to witness the continuation of a classic piece of Americana. Tailgaters arrive early and in droves, surrounding the area in RVs, cornhole boards, grills, and gratuitous team spirit. The cool autumn air erupts with the roars of tens of thousands of spectators in and around the stadium from the first whistle to the last. Regardless of records or standings, the meeting of these two teams is guaranteed to be a grandiose spectacle that rivals games even at the collegiate level. The Massillon-McKinley rivalry truly encapsulates America’s love of football and the traditions, passion, and excitement that brings us all together.”

James Parr, Assistant Director of Operations - BBIM

“When reflecting on my time here at BBIM and with the Great American Rivalry Series, one of the hardest questions you could ask would have to be, “What is your favorite Rivalry Series game?”

Although I could give you a reason why absolutely all our games are contenders for my favorite Rivalry, the one that really stands out to me would have to be Abilene vs. Abilene Cooper. Not only is it a great game on the field, but the energy off the field is unreal. With the schools being so close in proximity and using a neutral site, both sets of fans feel at home for this game. Both student sections were energized throughout the entire game, which kept the energy inside the stadium high all night long. ”

Kimber Roberts, Director of Operations - BBIM

Unique Rivalry Game Names

These epic matchups come with their own distinctive names and cherished traditions that make them truly one-of-a-kind. From catchy rivalry game names to time-honored rituals, these unique elements add an extra layer of excitement and community spirit. Check out some of these unique games that we have been to over the years and their captivating traditions and colorful rivalries that make high school football games so much more than just a battle on the field.