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How To Communicate Your Brand Personality Through Video

Companies typically spend thousands of dollars paying experts to help them nail down their brand voice, brand personality, and brand tone.  The larger a company is, the more voices are typically included in the process, and the longer it typically takes.

So now, after hours of workshops and surveys, your company has a specific brand tone and personality. It’s been emailed out to all of your employees. Maybe you even use it in your email signature, or have it tattooed on your arm. You work hard to make sure that every piece of written content fits with your brands persona, but now you want to try your hand at video.

Where video was formerly considered an extra tool to be used whenever time and budgets permit, more and more companies are starting to understand that video is the primary method that many millions of people consume content. So, as companies are consuming increasing amounts of video, content marketing managers are faced with a big question:

As you develop a video marketing program, how do you clearly communicate your brand’s personality in every piece? Read more

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