Positioning BODYARMOR as the sports drink of choice for the next generation–the youth and young adult market– and demonstrating the Brand’s commitment to youth sports.


In 2011, BODYARMOR, an upstart brand in the sports drink category, faced formidable competition in Gatorade – the category leader with more than a 50-year head-start. Gatorade had long-established dominance in the isotonic segment with its iconic colors and flavors, signature coolers, and long-standing marketing campaigns celebrating “winning”.  BODYARMOR’s goal was to take on Gatorade directly.


Promote BODYARMOR as the sports drink of choice for the youth and young adult market. To introduce an integrated marketing effort highlighting BODYARMOR as the journey of competition, not solely the end result of winning. BRAINBOX provided marketing solutions intended to demonstrate the Brand’s commitment to youth sports.


Utilize the Great American Rivalry Series (GARS), a unique property created by BRAINBOX, to demonstrate BODYARMOR’s ubiquity in and commitment to high school football. GARS is the largest and longest-running immersive marketing solution in high school sports and has an 18-year history of integration into this valued marketplace. BRAINBOX designed and implemented an immersive marketing experience for BODYARMOR, including active involvement before and during the GARS 1,000th game.

To accomplish these objectives, BRAINBOX employed active integration through branded in-stadium sideline signage, branded product visibility, BODYARMOR product availability pre-game, in-game, and post-game, sideline presence with branded coolers and towels for athletes and coaches, in-game PA announcements, and branded post-game award presentations. The winning team was presented with limited edition, BODYARMOR branded 1000th Game GARS CHAMPIONS hats, CHAMPIONS game trophy, t-shirts, branded MVP medal and trophy, Official GARS coin, and GOLD BERRY BODYARMOR TROPHIES.

A BODYARMOR Student Sideline Reporter program was employed to generate custom BODYARMOR social media content showcasing the brand’s integration in and around the games. The Great American Rivalry Series LIVE Streaming BROADCAST featured BODYARMOR’S “ONE MORE” commercials and LIVE BRAND INTEGRATIONS throughout the game. The live broadcast was streamed on Facebook Watch and YouTube.


The BODYARMOR/BRAINBOX partnership culminated in the GARS 1000th game played on October 23, 2021, at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. By the end of 2021, The Coca-Cola Company proceeded to purchase the remaining 85% stake in the BODYARMOR brand for $5.6B, making it a more direct competitor of Gatorade.

A crowd of nearly 25,000 fans were in attendance to experience the immersive integration of BODYARMOR. The social media impact of the partnership was significant and achieved new performance highs including a 200x increase in engagement to impressions ratio versus the norm across all platforms.