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Meet our team of experts in experiential and digital marketing is  committed to growing and scaling businesses of all sizes through authentic, impactful customer interactions and digital marketing solutions.


Meet the Team

Rick Ford

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Bridegam BRAINBOX COO

Scott Bridegam

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Giarraputo

Vice President of Marketing

Adam Skibek

National Sponsorship Sales Director

Alexis Whaley

Sales Coordinator / Customer Success Manager

Will Osborne

Executive Director, Great American Rivalry Series

Aaron Perkins

Digital Media Manager

Gray Gupton

Digital Media Analyst

Samantha Capley

Digital Activation Coordinator

Tracey Noe

Director of Corporate Administration

Brittany Wedding

Marketing Director

Jeremy Hobbs

Director, USMC Sports Leadership Academy

Lane Smith

Senior Event Director

Dylan Barnes-Moran

Senior Event Director

Kimber Roberts

Marketing Activation Manager

Lara Russell

Marketing Activation Manager

Sam Duzyk

Marketing Activation Manager

James Parr

Marketing Activation Manager

Nicole Green

Marketing Activation Manager

Jack Tipton

Marketing Activation Manager

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