Scott Bridegam


His two loves are his family and Nebraska Football. One of those is working out great for him.

Kristen Parker

Senior Vice President

Someone has to teach the office about the hazards of gluten.

Brandon Johnson

Executive Director, Great American Rivalry Series

If you want to upset him, tell him you’ve never seen The Goonies.

Daniel Flener

Director, Digital Marketing

He’s seen more silent films than you. Somehow, he’s married.

Wayne Thurman

Director, USMC Sports Leadership Academy

Janel Wilkerson

Senior Activation Manager

Tracey Noe

Director of Corporate Administration

Has more passwords in her head than your computer.

Aaron Perkins

Social and Digital Media Coordinator

Owns more sneakers (and way better at Twitter) than Kanye.

Seth Graham

Activation Manager

Attended every Eastern Kentucky basketball game while in school. Also, clearly a masochist.

Tucker Carper

Activation Manager

Response to what do you want people to know about you. “I’m single.”

Riley O’Toole

Activation Manager

Michael Leonard

Activation Manager

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