Brandon Johnson

Executive Director, Great American Rivalry Series

Brandon Johnson is a family man, both at home and around the office. Maybe it’s the baby face or maybe he just gives off those “dad vibes,” but he’s an easy guy to trust. That’s crucial because he has his hands in a lot of different projects at BrainBox Intelligent Marketing. If it involves communications or media at BBIM, Brandon definitely has something to do with it.

In his spare time, other than spending time with his wife Kristy, daughter Harper, and son Jagger, you can find him enjoying watching sports. Brandon served as Sports Information Director at Transylvania University before joining BBIM in 2017.

But Brandon has a surprising wealth of knowledge. If you want to know about any movie made in the late 80s or early 90s or late 90s hip-hop, Brandon’s your guy. He’s truly a man of many talents.

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