Rick ford


Rick ford is a dreamer. It certainly takes a dreamer to always be one step ahead of everyone else, which is Rick Ford’s goal each and every day. He co-founded BrainBox Intelligent Marketing in 1999 around the idea of building a marketing platform that worked for a more modern, digital world and has never looked back.

Prior to founding BrainBox, Rick was a pioneer as Chief Operating Officer for the national collegiate marketing juggernaut, Host Communications. He oversaw the advent of digital publishing for over 700 collegiate and NCAA publications and the creation of websites in the mid-1990s for major universities like University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, and the University of South Carolina. This led to his involvement in the creation, launch, and sale of the first ever NCAA Final Four website in 1997.

Rick is the ultimate creative, and with BrainBox Intelligent Marketing sought to surround himself with other creatives, an environment where everyone could bring out the best in everyone else. Fifteen years later, it seems to be going pretty well.

When he’s not dreaming, Rick enjoys spending time with his family, his attorney wife Melissa and their two beautiful children, Noah and Madison.

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