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For 20 years, Brainbox Intelligent Marketing has been creating impactful events and digital experiences that helps top brands grow their businesses. Here’s some of our favorite projects:

The Great American Rivalry Series
15 Years of connecting brands with America’s most enthusiastic audience.

Navy S.E.A.L. Fitness Challenge
Making America healthier, one challenge at a time.

100 Years IN 100 Days
Celebrating 100 years of basketball history with Converse and John Deere.

#X Before You Drive
How we helped AT&T save lives by fighting the distracted driving epidemic.

Helping a tech company build brand awareness with an experiential campaign.

How we showed one million kids the power of S.T.E.M.

Helping the Marines teach leadership skills to the country’s top athletes.

SAFEWAY Bright Green
Connecting a company that wanted to make the world a greener place with like-minded customers..

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