Army Strong Challenge


The United States Army requires, desires and seeks people of the utmost resolve, both mental and physical. Their mission requires those who can think quickly and decisively while employing critical thinking skills and excellent physical conditioning. Their need was to bring this message to the people who can meet or exceed these expectations and expose them to the opportunities afforded them through becoming a part of this critically important career path.

Our Approach

We all remember the Army’s presence in our school, sitting at a table in the back of the lunchroom or set up in a hall out of the way, and we probably ignored them. Our mission, help the Army representatives engage with the students in a positive and beneficial way and expose them to the opportunities afforded through military service. Oh yes,… and make it interesting and engaging.


The Army Strong Challenge. We created a program that allowed Army representatives the opportunity to engage students in activities that could provide the physical and academic measurements while having them engage in a school-wide competition, complete with awards and recognition…and even a winners’ t-shirt. The Challenge consisted of a five-part mental and physical regimen, executed in physical education classes in schools across the nation. Students exerted themselves and then had to demonstrate their ability to answer academic questions immediately following the physical challenges. Team results provided “Scores to Beat” and top scores created Challenge Champions.


The Army Strong Challenge allowed the Army the opportunities to interact with students in active and engaging ways. Gone was the table in the lunchroom, replaced with actively competing students achieving success together. No longer were they a nameless, faceless uniform behind the table with the brochures, now they had something to share and the students a reason to listen. Like so many other things in their lives, they now saw the Army as another path, another opportunity. And if that day turned out to be the only interaction they ever had with the Army, the interaction left them with a very positive vibe about what that opportunity might be.

The Challenge quickly became the Army’s most productive interactive engagement program and changed the game for the Army’s in-school activation program.

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