Before we launched FutureLab, we saw a gap, a crucial disconnect between the subjects and material taught in school and the awareness of STEM careers available to students in these subjects. Our client came to us with a need to develop awareness among college-bound students, of future careers in this ever-burgeoning field, a field that has only become more vital in the year since we launched FutureLab.


Interactive, Immersive, Improbable

That’s what they said before we launched FutureLab. We knew we could bridge this gap through a completely interactive and immersive experience, despite the challenges. FutureLab was a state-of-the-art experience for students that focused on nanotechnology, robotics, human genomics, deep space, virtual reality, and biofuels. Don’t worry. We relied on others for their expertise in these fields. But we did bring what we’re good at: youth marketing.


FutureLab was a basketball court-sized custom-built experience that traveled around the country to more than 350 different markets. We designed and developed futurelabexpo.com to reach even more students than we could in person and gave them that interactive experience in, well, an interactive space.


Nearly 1 million students went through the doors of FutureLab in its ten-year history. We like to think FutureLab has a footprint in the positive view of STEM careers and the future success of countless students, as they continue to drive innovation for generations to come.

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