Great American Fitness Challenge


We’re huge proponents of fitness here at BrainBox Intelligent Marketing. We don’t want to give too much away, but employees at BrainBox are always inspired to stay fit. Because of this, we designed an event to take place right in our backyard, where we could promote fitness to the masses. Sure, we worked with clients who sponsored the event, but, really, this was for the community. And we loved every second of it.

Our Approach

Like we said, we wanted an event right in our backyard of Lexington, KY. And what makes Lexington such a unique place? What does everyone around the world think of when they think of Lexington (okay, other than the best college basketball team that’s ever existed)? They think of horse racing. So that’s exactly what we based this awesome event around.


We created an event centered around three key fitness challenges. The first, The Steeplechase Challenge, let participants run a 3+ mile course that consisted of numerous steeplechase obstacles and exercise stations throughout. Next, a 15K race through some of Kentucky’s best horse farms and the Kentucky Horse Park provided a scenic route on which to get an amazing workout. And finally, a 5K run/walk let children and adults of all levels participate in the challenge and compete for awards.

We created a website for easy registration and to further promote the event online, and we promoted the event on social media, launching brand new Facebook and Twitter accounts for the event.

Naturally, several community vendors wanted to participate on this unique, local event. A vendor expo tent provided booth space for sampling, couponing, product demos, and added to the festival atmosphere.


2,000 total people participated in the Great American Fitness Challenge and 1,500-2,000 spectators joined in to cheer them on. Vendors at the event got the opportunity to interact with these thousands of people. In the end, we succeeded in promoting fitness in our local community and putting on a fantastic event.

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