Great American Rivalry Series LIVE


2018 marked the 15th season for the Great American Rivalry Series. Here at BrainBox Intelligent Marketing, we aren’t fans of resting on our laurels, so we aimed to do something big for the 2018 season. We aimed to reach more people on social media than we ever had before and to take the Great American Rivalry Series into millions of homes (or phones) across the country.

Our Approach

When you’re trying to reach more people than you ever have before, you go big or you go home. So we partnered up with a pretty big company. Ever heard of Facebook?


That’s right. We partnered with Facebook to bring millions of people exclusive broadcasts of some of the best and biggest rivalries across the country exclusively on Facebook Watch. Great American Rivalry Series LIVE became a hub for content from these rivalries, as well as the live broadcasts of the games. If you’ve never live broadcasted a sporting event, we can assure you, it isn’t easy. With so many variables and things that could go wrong, the adrenaline rush of the broadcasting game is like nothing else.

Without the benefit of commercials throughout the broadcast, we seamlessly incorporated sponsors into the broadcast in fun and innovative ways. From a chicken nugget eating contest to Tucker’s unfortunate singing, we brought a youthful energy to each broadcast.


With our broadcasts on Facebook we reached 40 million fans all over not only the country but the world. The biggest surprise each broadcast came in the comments section. Fans from Singapore, Australia and even soldiers overseas in the Middle East, all watched and supported their teams from afar. Most broadcasts, the list of countries people watched from became overwhelming. More than anything, though, the broadcasts brought the emotion and excitement of the rivalry to everyone, not just those at the game. And for most of them it was right on their phones.  Find out how the Great American Rivalry Series Broadcasts can elevate your brand!

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