Safeway Bright Green


We’ve worked with Safeway many times and have seen great success in helping them raise awareness for new product launches. One of these crucial product launches was a new line of environmentally-friendly household cleaning products, a novel idea at the time. Safeway wanted us to help them establish a long-term connection with shoppers based on the new products and help keep these products selling for many years to come.

Our Approach

Why do we like the cleaning products we like? That’s the question we pondered when coming up with a solution to our challenge. In the end, we agreed it was simple. We like the cleaning products we like because they work and work well. And that’s what we had to show people.

We also had to consider what made the products special. Plenty of household cleaning products work great, but few are as environmentally friendly as the Bright Green line. We decided we needed to interact with customers and show them how amazing this new line of products worked.


We deployed the Bright Green Clean Team, who traveled the country to allow one-on-one product interaction and testing of the new cleaning products in a unique and interactive way. We wanted potential customers to use the product for themselves, driving them into stores and raising sales of the Bright Green line of products.

We also coordinated with local youth groups to clean areas using the new products, giving away prizes and helping raise further awareness for the new products. To supplement our on-the-ground activations, we executed an extensive public relations campaign, driving earned media and increasing exposure.


We distributed more than 50,000 branded premiums and coupons to customers throughout the campaign. A clear increase in in-store visits occurred during and following the campaign. Not only this, but we also provided our client more than $100,000 in earned media and more than 10 million online, TV, radio, and print impressions from our public relations outreach.

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