Safeway Vons


We have a vast array of experience at BrainBox Intelligent Marketing. Simply, we love finding a way to help you reach the customers you’re trying to reach. Safeway Vons came to us with a challenge. They were doing well with multiple audiences, but, they wanted to do better among Hispanic Americans, especially since their stories are located in the Western part of the United States.

Our Approach

Initial market research is crucial with a challenge like this. We took this to heart and quickly got to work understanding our client and our audience. The biggest thing we discovered in our research was how community-driven our target audience was. Because of this, we concluded that an on-site presence would have the most effect. Nothing short of an outstanding experiential activation would get the job done for Safeway Vons.


We went about finding the best and biggest Hispanic American festivals throughout California, gaining direct access to a gigantic customer base for our client. We activated all aspects at these festivals, providing food and drink sampling (and, most importantly, a face to face interaction with customers) at the festivals. Brand ambassadors at each event reached huge numbers of potential Vons customers. We knew, though, that we had to create an “experience,” and we did just that with a giant wheel customers could spin for prizes, garnering a whole new level of excitement for our client and their product.


BBIM distributed more than 17,000 samples to potential customers at these events, reaching this crucial demographic for our client. Safeway Vons saw a measurable in-store traffic bump and saw an increase in sales of its Hispanic food/drink category in areas where we activated. After the initial campaign, Safeway Vons asked us to expand the on-site presence and further expand our efforts because of the incredible success.

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