Marketers have for too long thought of marketing as a numbers game. They seek gains in followers, in revenue, in brand awareness. Seeking these numbers is not the problem per se, but in 2018, it is more necessary than ever to think of the individual in order to get those numbers.

We now live in an age where massive numbers of the population grew up with smartphones in their hands. Thanks to social media, individuals now have a brand, a platform, a way they see themselves. In order for brands to best connect with their customers, they have to understand this individual brand that develops among customers most likely to purchase their product.

That’s why in 2019, more and more brands are embracing political activism rather than rejecting it and straddling the fence, as brands had previously done for decades. Brands have to accept that they aren’t for everyone anymore. They cater to a specific subset of people who have very specific views. It’s vital for brands to become aware of just WHO this subset is. What do they believe in? What do they do for fun? Who are they influenced and inspired by?

This collection of individuals is now the customer base. How can we help you understand and connect with your unique set of individuals?