Safeway faced a challenge. How could they launch new products and expand brand loyalty amidst the the marketing noise of its competitors. BRAINBOX had the answers. Safeway, one of America’s largest grocery store brands, was founded in 1926 and by 2011 had spread across 35 states. They had a strong brand history but were looking to expand  in the competitive grocery market. Growing millennial audiences placed high expectations on grocery stores by demanding fresh and healthy products at low prices. Trends also demonstrated that audiences were more willing than ever to switch retailers based on price point. How could Safeway stand out against rival brands? Could brand loyalty truly be cultivated, even among specific audience segments?


Experiential Marketing

  • Thousands of people in Safeway’s markets personally interacted with the Safeway brand in memorable and unique ways through our activations.

Event Management

  • We coordinated multiple moving parts of complex events to present a cohesive and exciting experience for vast audiences.

Media Planning

  • Via press releases and pitching, we provided the Safeway Bright Green brand more than $100,00 in earned media and more than 10 million media impressions. We also earned print, radio, and television coverage for their Safeway Select coffee brand in connection to organic events.