The Great American Rivalry Series


One of the key questions we hear from clients is “How do I connect with an entire community, young and old, parents and teenagers, grandparents and even great grandparents?” We took these questions and started to brainstorm. How do you connect with an entire community generationally? How do you make that emotional connection? To reach this vast audience, we actually looked to the past, to tradition.

Our Approach

We like big ideas here at BrainBox. Back in 2004, six of us sat around our infamous purple conference room in search of that one big idea. One person had the idea for an iPod that could also function as a phone. We thought that idea was too crazy, so we passed (just kidding). But one idea did truly stick. Sometimes, when you’re in search of a big idea, it all boils down to what drives you, what stirs that emotion deep inside you.

So up in our purple conference room, we all got to talking about high school. In all the laughing and joking, we found we all had one thing in common. Our schools each had a fierce rival who we wanted to beat more than any other team each football season. Each year, it seemed like the whole town would come out to watch the game. We just couldn’t stop talking about how memorable and emotional those games were.

That’s how we developed The Great American Rivalry Series. High school football is a tradition in America, passed down through the generations. Sons, fathers, grandfathers, and even great-grandfathers played in these classic high school football rivalries, some of which have existed since the late 1800s. Communities come together to cheer on their team with a fervent passion not seen anywhere else. This is where the emotion exists, where that connection can be made.


Each year, The Great American Rivalry Series covers around 100 of the best high school football rivalry games in the nation. With average attendances of about 10,000 fans at each game, we take clients into the game as the sponsor of the game, offering them prime visibility to the thousands of fans.

Since the Great American Rivalry Series launched we have broadcasted countless live games, used our creativity to produce authentic video content for fans, and been the leader in high school football across the nation.

We also promote our clients through creative content on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, placing our clients right into the hands of the students in these schools and young people in the community.


2018 marks the 15th season of The Great American Rivalry Series. In those 15 seasons, we’ve covered 859 games in 44 states. The Great American Rivalry Series has become a nationally recognized series, where clients can reach their market exactly where they are, so, yeah, we think it’s been a pretty good idea.  Find out how the Great American Rivalry Series can elevate your brand!

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